Bird and Hand


Magdalena Hohlweg

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miniature collage
So many Birds. Biodiversity in a nice and fine and a little bit bizarre habitat.


What is the right measure for  great art? Is it a question of size? Not for  these extraordinary personalities.

miniature collage with birds
Miniature collage bird Art

Buds and seeds an leafs and tiny foundings – simply art.

A vegan quail with rotten green of a lost tomato and various other bizarre birds – fresh art.

Miniature collage
Voegel in ihrem natuerlichen Habitat

I never promised you a rose garden. Nevertheless here it is – with roses and other miniscule birds. Take it or leave it.

Vegan Insects. Sorted and fixed. Serious science. True nature.
vegan Insects
Only Insects?
Chocolatebeetles and paperbeetles and plants and trash. Everything in harmony. Perfect.
More Insects. And leftovers. And fineliner. And…any questions?
Vegan Insects
Plant or insect? Not sure. But everything is fine (art)