Magdalena Hohlweg

Inquiries to:
.phone. +49 177 7170109

Inquiries to:
.phone. +49 177 7170109

miniature collage

Idiosyncratic bird species made from plant remains. Alder fruits, berries, buds and various seeds disguised as bird characters

The measurability of art! Great! Jasmine bud, spring herb bud, fir seed, snap fastener, thorn, birch blossoms, remnant of a tape measure and other monumental little extravagances of nature on watercolor. Size approx. 8 x 8 cm. Please measure yourself

miniature collage with birds
Miniature collage bird Art

Mirror, mirror on the wall: who's the fairest of them all ? …? Broom seed pod, mirror fragment (far left), lilac seed pod, fir seeds, root fibers and other exquisite collector's items. Size: approx. 8 x 8 cm

Vegan quail on dried tomato greens. Fresh Art

Miniature collage
Voegel in ihrem natuerlichen Habitat

Rose knobs and alder fruit stilts, lilac mushrooms and witch hazel ducks and nothing more

Plant insects sorted correctly and strictly unscientifically. If you think the background has something to do with an old typewriter, then you've guessed right.

vegan Insects
Only Insects?

Even more insects! Or maybe just plant scraps and paper and... in any case, everything works out for the best.

More bizarre insects from plant remnants as well as some remnants of everyday life. Any questions?

Vegan Insects

Whether plant or insect – an exact determination is undoubtedly uncertain. So have fun with it. I look forward to sharing your findings. Thank you.