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I also put the brakes on art

By Magdalena | Jun 19, 2021
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What is art?

By Magdalena | Dec 14, 2020

I have been looking for an answer for a long time. What I have discovered, I present to you here on Youtube

Is there any clear reply to this question at all?

Or maybe there are even many correct positionings? How important is it to know the only correct answer?

The search for feedback has occupied me so intensively for quite a while that I was in danger of losing sight of my own ideas.

See for yourself

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Is this art?


By Magdalena | Dec 14, 2020

To this all-moving question I have set a movie on Youtube

In case of doubt for art?

Do we need evidence of art? Maybe or maybe not

How good that there are so few limits to art. Sometimes, however, it is all the more difficult to find orientation. My suggestion: always keep an eye on your own wishes and ideas and not let the view be blocked by mainstreams.

In this sense: Make your own picture

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Remember Marylin Monroe

By Magdalena Hohlweg | Aug 7, 2020

Isn’t she lovely ? Of course you remember! Their was this one special picture with Marylin Little Marylin fully in bloom For sure she was such a great personality! Their is far more to tell about this fascinating woman than of her beauty. Here she comes again. Happy everafter. Fully in bloom. By the way […]

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By Magdalena Hohlweg | Jul 30, 2020

  Here you can listen to an Interview on “Radio Aktiv” about my Project about 300 Personalities of Bad Pyrmont Listen    

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By Magdalena Hohlweg | May 17, 2020

30.05.2020 – 3-07.2020 Painting, Installation, Photography and Collage Despite Corona the exibition will take place, although without vernissage At Artist’s gallery of  Martin Koroscha in Bremen five artists with five different views on this subject will meet. Beside my artworks you will find art pieces of  […]

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Exhibition canceled. Don`t worry. New plans are working 🙂

By Magdalena Hohlweg | Apr 24, 2020

The last exhibition Domänenburg Aerzen ended to early because of Corona. Luckily more then a hundred visitors joined the show. To the  Shop

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300‘ Birthday? Ok! Let`s celebrate one year later

By Magdalena Hohlweg | Apr 24, 2020

  The 300 year anniversery of the City of Pyrmont is been canceled because of Corona. Some of my little Birthday works still are shown in the museum of Bad Pyrmont. Pls. find at the  Shop “Wake me up when it`s all over!”… Stay in good health […]

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Ringlein Ringlein on the hand…

By Magdalena Hohlweg | Apr 24, 2020

Individualized jewellery with Anne Zimmer In cooperation with Anne Zimmer, small fine jewellery uniques are created. This time it should be a ring. The tiny bird is formed from a seed pod of an ornamental grass. It has a little similarity with a parakeet right? When I processed […]

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