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Pyrmont Castle Museum

By Magdalena Hohlweg | Oct 1, 2019

Castle Museum Bad Pyrmont – Definitely the right setting Next year, the city of Bad Pyrmont will celebrate its 300th anniversary. I am thrilled at how committed the citizens of the city are to planning varied actions with a lot of personal commitment. I am pleased to be involved in the preparations […]

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Catch a Glimpse

By Magdalena Hohlweg | Jul 12, 2019

INSECT COLLECTION -VEGAN Art is what we elevate to art – as I said…

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By Magdalena Hohlweg | Feb 13, 2019

In detail, it is not so easy to say what is important. What makes it all? Could anything be dispensed with?

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Only the best for everyone!

By Magdalena Hohlweg | Dec 31, 2018

The year 2018 was full of surprises and innovations for me In the middle of the year I moved from Hamburg to Bad Pyrmont in the Weser Uplands. What a contrast. I was very sceptical at first. But in the meantime I have become native here in the beautiful Weser Uplands. […]

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9.Miniature in the visual arts Fürstenwalde/Spree

By Magdalena Hohlweg | Oct 17, 2018

The versatile and exciting exhibition is open until 23 November 2018. I am happy about the beautiful presentation. The framing of my work is a great idea as I think.

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It was nice!

By Magdalena Hohlweg | Aug 27, 2018


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Lullaby for pupas

By Magdalena Hohlweg | Mar 31, 2018

The metamorphosis… is a great   transformation and an impressive miracle

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Look closely

By Magdalena Hohlweg | Oct 19, 2017

youtube every single detail. The tiny cut-outs as close as possible are best…

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Letting go is a word

By Magdalena Hohlweg | Oct 19, 2017

Letting go

Let go without expectations and without any bitterness. This is not always easy.  Letting go is a rich word. It must be applied with care and respect.

With best wishes


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